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Stay At Home Mysteries


1. What is Stay at Home Mysteries?

This is the name of our company! Where players become a part of the narrative in a world and immersive theatre meets board games.

2. What is Murder at the Hotel Delicious?

Our flagship game.

A 6-player online interactive whodunnit.
Over 2 hours, you and your friends must communicate to exchange clues, deduce motives, and identify which one of you committed an atrocious crime…and you can do it all from the couch.

3. Who is P.I. Cobbler?

They're a thumpin' good Private Investigator!

All our games feature P.I. Cobbler in some way.

Players interact with them over the course of gameplay via email.

4. How does this experience work?

Purchase one of our games online.

Read through your Host Information pack.

Invite and arrange 5 other friends to play.

All 6 players need to log into their individual rooms BEFORE starting the game to read/download their character documents.

Enjoy your investigation!

5. How many players?

At least 6.

Multiple players living in the same home can choose to play one character together. However, for clarity; we recommend selecting one individual to be the face and voice while the other assists. If one of your players are not familiar with technology, we would recommend they share the character with someone else from their house to assist with the fast paced nature of the experience.

6. Can we play if we live together?


If multiple players live in the same household, but want to play different characters, they will need to play in separate rooms, ideally with headphones. All communication between these players must be strictly within the confines of the game (and not by wandering into the other player’s room to ask questions) so as to not disadvantage other players.

7. Do I need anything to play?

Yes, all players need the following items to play:

  • a phone

  • a desktop/laptop computer or tablet

  • a personal email account

  • access to zoom or another video conferencing account

  • internet access

8. When can I play?

Anytime after purchase! Hosts and Players choose a time to play.

9. Can I play on my phone?

We STRONGLY recommend to use a desktop/laptop computer to access this website during gameplay. Not all elements are available on mobile.

10. What age group is this appropriate for?

The Stay At Home Mysteries experience is suitable for Adults.

This isn’t Monopoly, this is murder!

11. Technology what now?

Part of gameplay is using online tools such as video conferencing software, emails and youtube. We recommend that The Host is confident in helping all other players access all these tools before starting gameplay.

12. Is The Host a rulebook for the game?


Players figuring out how to play is part of the game.

Asking or answering gameplay questions during or just before gameplay is considered CHEATING.

13. Didn't find the answer to your question?

If you have any additional questions or feedback please email

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